Chapter 1: Understanding the crisis

Root causes: structural racism

Systemic racism plays a huge role in our homelessness crisis. Discrimination and anti-Black racism inform not only individual attitudes toward people experiencing homelessness, but also policies and other structural barriers.

Many root causes of our housing and homelessness crisis are systemic and concrete, like discriminatory policies or rising rents.

Some of the other factors are harder to measure. They can be harder to see because we experience them all around us, every day, and may even unknowingly participate in them.

They are the attitudes and beliefs that people hold, ranging from discrimination to apathy. Shifting our collective mindset around ending homelessness is a big challenge, but it starts with you. You can play a big role in changing hearts and minds.

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Chapter 2

Solutions to our homelessness crisis

Homelessness is a complicated, enormous problem. The good news is that we know how to solve it. For the first time, L.A. County has a comprehensive plan and the necessary resources to enact it. One major pillar of this plan is creating more supportive and affordable housing. This is where we focus most of our advocacy efforts.

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