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Chapter 4: Getting involved

Writing op-eds and letters to the editor

We need to change the narrative around homelessness. Op-eds and letters to the editor are opportunities for advocates like you to make your voice heard, and start changing hearts and minds

Suggested actions:

60 minutes

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Changing the narrative around homelessness means speaking up, sometimes on a public platform such as a newspaper or online publication

Most publications have, at one point or another, dehumanized those experiencing homelessness or gotten away from the facts. As advocates for the unhoused it’s up to all of us to correct language and misinformation that harms unhoused communities and the mission to bring everyone in.

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Key terms and facts

As soon as you enter the world of political advocacy, you’re bound to encounter plenty of terms and acronyms. Some of them may sound familiar and some may not. Either way, you should familiarize yourself with a few key terms that are likely to come up frequently in conversations about our housing and homelessness crisis.

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