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Everything you need to know about being a housing advocate.
How We End Homelessness

The plan

Many factors have contributed to the housing crisis in Los Angeles, including decades of exclusionary policies and a severe lack of affordable housing. But we have a plan to solve it—based on proven solutions and backed by dedicated public funding.

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Homeless Count 2023
Graph of LA County Service Planning Areas showing changes in homeless in 2022 Homelessness increased by 1.92% in the Antelope Valley. Homelessness increased by 8.75% in the San Fernando Valley. Homelessness increased by 7.47% in the San Gabriel Valley. Homelessness increased by 44.9% in West. Homelessness increased by 3.99% in Metro. Homelessness increased by 36.17% in East. Homelessness decreased by 11% in South. Homelessness increased by 45.69% in Harbor.

LAHSA Homeless Count 2023

Each year the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority collects data about the unhoused people living in L.A. County, ranging from their age to their ethnic background and disability status. Take a look at some of the key findings from this year’s count and what they mean for the future of our work.

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Housing Explained

Homes end homelessness

Our homelessness crisis is our housing crisis. Rents are rising, wages are not keeping pace, and there are too many people living on the brink of homelessness without enough housing to meet demand. What’s the solution? More affordable and supportive housing.

Learn more about housing types

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Education Toolkit
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The next generation of advocates

Dive into this comprehensive resource designed to help guardians, parents, and educators talk to young people about homelessness. Lesson plans and activities range in depth from elementary to high school level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question?

Have questions about how to get involved, how to get services, or about homelessness in Los Angeles? This is the place for you.

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