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Chapter 2: Solutions to our homelessness crisis

Supportive housing: success stories

We have plenty of evidence demonstrating the success of supportive housing, from individual stories to large-scale studies. Understanding the different ways to measure and demonstrate success can help us be more effective advocates.

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We have so many ways to measure the success of supportive housing that it can be hard to know where to start.

One way we can look at the success and effectiveness of supportive housing is through individual stories of people who have moved into supportive housing.

By hearing these personal experiences, we can understand how having a safe, stable place to live can help people address all kinds of problems in their lives. These accounts make it clear that this is a solution that works for all different kinds of people. Another way we can look at the success of supportive housing is through case studies, which look beyond individual stories and at larger groups to find patterns and trends.

Finally, we can look at place-based success stories, such as cities that have invested in “housing-first” approaches to ending homelessness and have built enough supportive housing to meet the needs of residents.

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How to talk about ending homelessness

Learning how to talk to people about ending homelessness is one of the most important skills you need as an advocate. This includes knowing what to say, how to say it, and when to say it, as well as adapting your message to any situation or audience. Conversations that build trust and personal relationships are at the heart of effective organizing.

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