Meet Chelsea


Chelsea Byers joined Everyone In because she believes in the power of the people. Simple tasks community members can take part in, like going door-to-door and making phone calls, have been instrumental in passing legislation and getting thousands of housing units approved for construction. “I am more and more inspired and hopeful everyday as I meet new people working as service providers or in the community around the issue of homelessness.”

As a grassroots organizer, Chelsea knows the importance of community building and working towards a shared goal. For her, supportive housing just makes sense.

Chelsea has met many people throughout her life who experienced homelessness and knows firsthand what drives different folks into housing insecurity. Her own family lost their home in the 2008 economic crisis. “It was a totally upending and life changing event,” she says.

Since homelessness is a problem that affects everyone in Los Angeles, solutions like affordable and supportive housing require that everyone step up and send a clear message to elected officials. “We have the ability to reach thousands of Angelenos through this work and make an impact in so many people’s lives,” she says.

Watch the video below to learn more about Chelsea and the organizing team, then sign up for a training. You, too, can speak out until we bring everyone in.