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Our Promise

“Everyone In” is more than our name, it’s a promise: We will speak out, as long as it takes, until everyone in L.A. County has the safety and security of a home.

Watch the video, get fired up, and share it with a friend:

In the year since we launched this campaign, we’ve mobilized more than 80,000 advocates for change. We’ve put enormous pressure on elected officials and communities across L.A. County to build the housing that’s needed. And today, thousands of units of supportive and affordable housing are in development.

But we have so much more to do, which is why we are making this renewed promise: We will not rest, we will not slow down, until everyone in L.A. County has a home.

We gathered on March 9 to recommit to the fight for our solutions in every neighborhood across L.A. County. If you missed us, check out the event recap here.