“Trauma comes to us when we don’t have a safe place to sleep.”


Linda’s story is one that thousands of Angelenos have experienced in bits and pieces, but maybe not all together.

Linda’s childhood was rife with addiction, abuse, and poverty, and she found herself living on the streets before ultimately finding hope and a home through supportive housing.

Linda is a survivor, and her story shows what a roof, a community, and on-site medical and mental health treatment can do for those who have grown up in chronic homelessness.

Some people might have written her off, but Linda’s story proves that a little support can give someone hope and that it’s never too late.

Homelessness touches all of us in L.A., one way or another, and we’re collecting stories from our neighbors to share with other Angelenos. Whether you’ve experienced homelessness yourself, or you’re a service provider, or just a concerned member of the community, share your story with us on our Facebook page or tweet at us.