Tell City Council to cut the red tape


On Wednesday, the L.A. City Council votes on two measures that would make it dramatically easier to build supportive housing by cutting the red tape. They’re both really important, commonsense measures that will help us accomplish our goal of ending homelessness in L.A.

Just as with the “222 Plan,” it’s time to make sure that your councilmember is IN. Call them and ask where they stand on the Permanent Supportive Housing Ordinance and the Motel Conversion Ordinance, then tweet when you’re done.


Together, these ordinances would cut the red tape and bypass City Council approval for smaller buildings that meet specific requirements, make it easier to turn dilapidated motels into useful supportive housing, and eliminate parking space requirements for new buildings near transit that house homeless residents.

When these measures first came up in City Council meetings, they had the usual opposition from the Not-In-My-Back-Yard crowd, but we brought more than 100 supporters to City Hall. By the last committee meeting, the opposition had stopped coming altogether. That is the power of Everyone In. We represent a majority of voters across this county. When we show up and make ourselves heard, we are unstoppable.

Those initial meetings were important, but now it’s time to vote. Call City Hall today and tell them we’ll never end homelessness in L.A. if the housing we so desperately need gets wrapped up in red tape. Ask them if they are in for both the Permanent Supportive Housing Ordinance and the Motel Conversion Ordinance. When you’re done, fire off a tweet and let us know how it goes.