Everyone In is a campaign focused on ending homelessness across Los Angeles County

by providing critical services to those who need it most and helping transition people experiencing long-term homelessness with short-term and permanent housing solutions.

Homelessness is the result of economic, social, and personal conditions shared by many of us in L.A. People experiencing homelessness represent a cross-section of our community: single mothers and families, people struggling with physical disabilities, mental illness, and addiction, the unemployed and underpaid, veterans and college graduates, victims of abuse and victims of bad luck. Homelessness has many faces and takes many forms. Ultimately, homelessness is a human-created problem with uniquely human-driven solutions. With committed resources and political and community desire, Los Angeles can end homelessness.

To achieve our goal, we need everyone in. Our promise to you is that we will never shy away from the problems, we will work to address the vexing issues of homelessness in a real and authentic way, and we will forge powerful partnerships to ensure that all voices are heard.

We expect our elected leaders and neighbors to work with us and help find solutions that are permanent, not band-aids or quick fixes. Together we will move our homeless neighbors off the streets, and into homes—for good. We need Everyone In to end homelessness in Los Angeles.

This campaign is powered by United Way of Greater Los Angeles and has been created with a diverse coalition of nonprofit organizations, businesses, and labor and community leaders. Our goal is simple: deliver on the promise that was made when 1.5 million voters who passed Measure H and Proposition HHH in 2016 and 2017 and ensure that each dollar is spent wisely and goes to the goal of providing services and creating supportive housing throughout Los Angeles.