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to outreach, housing, job training, services, stability

Here’s the plan: engage and assess every person who is living on the street, provide mental health treatment and other services when needed, offer skills training and mentorship, and build supportive housing across L.A. (read the plan and see how we’re doing).

Here’s what you can expect from us: we will keep track and push for progress from our elected leaders who promised to create a real solution for our homeless neighbors.

Empty DoorWhat we’ve accomplished since July 1, 2017

Progress since July 1, 2017



Partners are helping people move back home and create stable lives

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Progress since July 1, 2017


People have been interviewed by outreach teams that connect individuals to housing and supportive services

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Progress since July 1, 2017


Families prevented from becoming homeless

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Progress since July 1, 2017



Units of supportive housing approved, everywhere

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Empty DoorBy 2022 we will:

Move people home, permanently
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Prevent people from becoming homeless
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Approve supportive housing
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Homelessness is not an isolated issue. Everyone across L.A. must pitch in to help.

We need everyone to be champions of ending homelessness across Los Angeles County. Explore the map to keep track of how much progress your neighborhood is making.
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News & Updates

Why supportive housing is one of the best solutions to homelessness

Our movement has a mantra: Homes end homelessness. We’ve all been saying it for the last year and our work continues to be guided by it. The best way to help our…

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Read the powerful L.A. Times series

Have you read the L.A. Times series on homelessness yet? Each editorial is a passionate and principled argument for why we need to act now, and it’s impossible to come away unmoved.…

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Has your neighborhood taken the pledge?

In November 2016, voters in Los Angeles gave our elected officials a clear mandate and deadline for addressing homelessness in our city: Build 10,000 units of supportive housing within 10 years. Since…

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Are you in?

Last year, voters from every demographic and every zip code in Los Angeles County came together to pass the largest effort to end homelessness in our nation’s history. $1 billion in bonds…

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