Meet Deborah

Housing Stories — July 25, 2018

Meet Deborah

For Deborah, living in a car with her daughter and granddaughter was a source of near-constant stress and shame. And it wasn’t easy to seek help. Deborah feared that, if she called Child Protective Services, the state would rip her children away.

“I used to hate the rain because I was afraid of being out in it, or getting sick… I love the rain now.”

The experience of living without a home also affected her health. At one point, she didn’t even have a place to put her medication. “Before it’d roll under the seats or I’d forget which seat pocket I put it in,” she says.

Mosaic Gardens

Supportive housing like Mosaic Gardens is 90 percent effective at ending homelessness.


Thankfully, she was eventually connected to an outreach team, which works with individuals to find them both temporary and long-term shelter. Through an organization called LINC, her caseworker was able to find a room for Deborah at Mosaic Gardens supportive housing, along with her 17-year-old son, 27-year-old daughter, and two-year-old granddaughter.

Housing has finally given Deborah and her family a chance to feel safe and secure. “I used to hate the rain because I was afraid of being out in it, or getting sick,” she says. “Now I can sit inside and watch it. I love the rain now.”


people experiencing homelessness in L.A. are under 18


She is still troubled by memories of her past. “When I’m watching TV and the commercials come on, the old thoughts start to come in and I feel ashamed of my past,” she says. But Deborah and her family no longer have to live with the fear and stress of life without a home.

Housing ends homelessness


increase in homeless youth since 2017


Getting people off the streets and into homes requires all of our passion and action. Elected officials will continue to dawdle and hedge their bets if they’re not spurred on by you, their constituents.

Now is the time to step up. No matter how much time or experience you have, there’s a way for you to show up, speak out, and make housing a reality for our unhoused neighbors like Deborah. You’re already here. What are you waiting for? Join our campaign using the form below.