On Tuesday, July 28, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors will host a special meeting focused squarely on the Re-imagine L.A. ballot measure.

Last week, four of the five supervisors voted to advance the Re-imagine initiative. Now, we need to take action again to ensure that the November ballot includes a measure to dedicate at least 10% of the county budget to health, housing, and economic justice.

We are asking our supporters to submit written public comment before 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday. Please follow the instructions below to help us re-imagine L.A.

  1. Visit publiccomment.bos.lacounty.gov.
  2. Fill out your personal information.
  3. Select Items 1, 2, and 3. Select “In Favor.”
  4. Copy and paste the script below in “Comments.” We encourage you to personalize your message.
  5. Click “Next.”
  6. Review your submission and click “Acknowledge.”

Thank you for your support. Below, please find the public comment script.

I am writing in favor of agenda items 2 and 3 and in support of the Re-imagine L.A. ballot measure. Right now, L.A. County’s budgets are unreliable and unfair. They do not address the needs of our most vulnerable populations or how our over-reliance on the carceral system has created those vulnerabilities. The Re-imagine L.A. ballot measure would make sure L.A.’s budgets always provide balanced, consistent support to people who need it.

Giving L.A. County residents the opportunity to vote on the Re-imagine L.A. ballot measure this November will move the Alternatives to Incarceration (ATI) process forward and help ensure that Black, Indigenous, and other people of color, as well as low-income communities receive the services they need. It is clear that the lack of affordable housing, lack of community investment, and an over-reliance on incarceration created a monumental crisis for our county well before the pandemic. No one has been more impacted by this than Black community members, who make up only 8% of residents but over 30% of our jail and homeless populations. The charter amendment provides a pathway for relief from the devastating impact of the pandemic and confronts the longstanding racial and economic inequality in our county. Repairing generations of racial and economic injustice will take transformative action. This is a crucial first step. We need at least 10% investment; we can’t double-count existing investments; and we need to help as many people as possible whose lives can’t wait. In order to provide access to decentralized and comprehensive services, let’s make sure this 10%+ investment is just the start of reimagining an L.A. County that makes us all proud. The people of Los Angeles deserve reinvestment at a scale greater than the level of injustice.