Ending chronic homelessness across L.A. will take more than righteous indignation and good intentions. We must organize and act together, starting in our own communities. It’s time to step up and start doing more than just talking about change. We need people who are ready to show up, speak up, and fight for solutions like supportive housing, especially when it means standing up to NIMBY neighbors and putting pressure on elected officials to act with urgency.

Everyone in L.A. County has a responsibility to make this a place we can be proud of, and that starts by making sure everyone has a home to call their own. No matter how much time or experience you have, we have a way for you to help.

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Explore Activities

Information Fair

Information fairs bring people and organizations together in a public location, like a park or rec center, where visitors can learn more about what different groups do and how they can get involved in the movement to end homelessness – all at your own leisure and pace. Some information fairs also have fun activities, like music and art exhibits, so you can spend time with your family and friends while you’re learning!


Trainings encompass a range of events, including educational workshops on the benefits of supportive housing and speaker trainings. By getting solid on the facts, gaining practical tools, and learning about on-the-ground success stories, you’ll be able to effectively advocate for bringing supportive housing and other solutions to your own community, whether it’s by talking to your neighbors or speaking up at a City Council meeting.

Phone Bank

At a phone bank, you’ll be calling people directly and having one-on-one conversations with them. Personal conversations are an incredibly effective way of sharing information and generating support for a specific ask or event (like bringing a new supportive housing building to your neighborhood), and making these calls in a collective and coordinated way ensures that we can make the biggest impact possible.


During a canvass, you’ll be approaching people within a specific location, such as your own neighborhood or an area where a supportive housing building is being proposed. Face-to-face conversations are an incredibly powerful way of sharing information about supportive housing and services, and getting people to commit to next steps, like signing a petition, attending an action or meeting, or joining the Everyone In team.

House Party

House parties are an opportunity for you to talk directly to your community in your own home about why you’re a part of the movement to end homelessness in LA and why they should be, too. When people see their friends, colleagues, neighbors, and family members get excited to support something, they’re much more likely to be motivated to do the same.

Civic Action

Civic actions include meetings or hearings at sites of local government (like L.A. City Hall or the County Hall of Administration), because sometimes, we need to show up in person to tell our elected officials and city leaders that we expected them to follow through on their commitments and push even harder for progress. Our voices matter and need to be heard by those in power!

Housing Tour

On a housing tour, you’ll visit a supportive, short-term, or affordable housing building and community to learn more about what they are and the impact they have on residents’ lives. In addition to the actual tour, you may also meet with building managers and residents, see individual apartments, and participate in a discussion where you can ask questions.

Community Meeting

Community meetings are spaces where people from a neighborhood can come together and discuss how to bring in more long-term, compassionate solutions to homelessness (like supportive housing and services). Some meetings are dedicated to specific events or proposals, while others are more generally focused on housing and homelessness in the area.